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New Interviews added: Mortiis, Velvet Acid Christ, Filament 38 and more!

Hey Everyone,

First, I wanted to say hello to all my new friends that I have added. Thanks for noticing and showing your support. Definitely say hello at or IM me at gothgirl76 and tell me you are from MYSPACE.

Also, We have new interviews with the following artists:
Send the writers feedback when you see something they did that you liked.

State of Being- Julie

Demonika & the Darklings - by Jeremy Eckhart:

Velvet Acid Christ- Jeremy Eckhart:

Filament 38: Kyle Kucate:

Halovox: by Joshua Heinrich-

Mortiis: Julie @

Coming soon: KMFDM!!!!

Gothic- Julie

Butterfly Messiah : Julie
and others...

New reviews added as well for you to check out, especially DEKOY!

Contests coming soon: Black Tape For Blue Girl, and Outlook Grim.

PLease drop us a line!!

Julie Johnson- (reviews, interviews, contests, promotions e-group-mod. ( Founder 1999)

Main Mailing Address:
Grave ConcernsE-zine
P.O.Box 38174
Albany,NY 12203

If possible, please send 2 copies of the CD for review/ contests, DJ's use or for a staff member that may be more suitable. Or e-mail a staff member to get their address.

AOL IM gothgirl76
Staff Writer Contacts:

Jules Cohen: Music Coordinator, Manager,Compilation-
238 E77th, 3B NY, NY 10021

Marcos Massarri-
music reviews, interviews, movie reviews

Joshua Heinrich-
music reviews, movie reviews, dark game reviews

Matthew Johnson.: -reviewer, interviewer, web promotions

Kyle Kucate:

Donovan Tate:

Jeremy Eckhart:
(all duties)
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