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GraveConcernsezine and RedjMusic(BMI)

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Listen to Black Wedding! [05 Dec 2004|10:06pm]

[ mood | stressed ]


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Open call for gothic/club fashion designers... [21 Nov 2004|04:27pm]

Grave Concerns is expanding into the area of fashion design.

We are looking for designers, clothing makers, clothing labels, and individuals to feature in our new Grave Concerns Fashion Section.

Do you have some original clothing you would like to share with the world? Well, here is your chance. Do you own your own company and need some promotion? Free of charge!

Please send all promotional material to:

Grave Concerns E-zine
Fashion Department
Attn: Jeremy Eckhart
1965 Park Place Drive
Fremont, Nebraska, 68025

Thank you.

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Black Wedding makes debut on Myspace.com! [17 Nov 2004|09:36pm]

Immediate Press Release:

Black Wedding is:

Joshua Heinrich - voice, all instruments, programming

Julie Johnson - lyrics
(from Grave Concerns E-zine)

Black Wedding formed from the ashes of popular goth/alt rock/industrial project Orangabelle 5. Orangabelle 5 scored an early indie hit in the 90s with the moody goth staple "missing you" and went on to release 2 EPs and 2 full-length albums on Autumnal Release Records before calling it quits in late 2002.

Around the middle of 2003, Josh and Julie began toying around with ideas for a new project. A few rough partial demos were pieced together under a working band name but were soon shelved for various reasons. However, discussion continued through 2004 as Josh recorded the new album by his solo project, fornever, and in late 2004, Black Wedding announced their first single, "Control", along with plans to release a debut EP in 2005.
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Jules Hodgson of KMFDM & PIG Interview on Grave Concerns E-zine [29 Oct 2004|03:34pm]

New Interview: Jules Hodgson of KMFDM & PIG! Coming in November: Part 2 with KMFDM

Happy Halloween to all!
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New Interviews added: Mortiis, Velvet Acid Christ, Filament 38 and more! [14 Oct 2004|07:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Everyone,

First, I wanted to say hello to all my new friends that I have added. Thanks for noticing and showing your support. Definitely say hello at gothgirl@berk.com or IM me at gothgirl76 and tell me you are from MYSPACE.

Also, We have new interviews with the following artists:
Send the writers feedback when you see something they did that you liked.

State of Being- Julie @julie@graveconcernsezine.com

Demonika & the Darklings - by Jeremy Eckhart: herrdevilboy@yahoo.com

Velvet Acid Christ- Jeremy Eckhart: herrdevilboy@yahoo.com

Filament 38: Kyle Kucate: skabcat@hotmail.com

Halovox: by Joshua Heinrich- fornever@musician.org

Mortiis: Julie @ julie@graveconcernsezine.com

Coming soon: KMFDM!!!!

Gothic- Julie

Butterfly Messiah : Julie
and others...

New reviews added as well for you to check out, especially DEKOY!

Contests coming soon: Black Tape For Blue Girl, and Outlook Grim.

PLease drop us a line!!

Julie Johnson- gothgirl@berk.com (reviews, interviews, contests, promotions e-group-mod. ( Founder 1999)

Main Mailing Address:
Grave ConcernsE-zine
P.O.Box 38174
Albany,NY 12203

If possible, please send 2 copies of the CD for review/ contests, DJ's use or for a staff member that may be more suitable. Or e-mail a staff member to get their address.


AOL IM gothgirl76

Staff Writer Contacts:

Jules Cohen: Music Coordinator, Manager,Compilation- redjmusicnyc@aol.com
238 E77th, 3B NY, NY 10021

Marcos Massarri- M4rcos@comcast.net
music reviews, interviews, movie reviews

Joshua Heinrich- fornever@musician.org
music reviews, movie reviews, dark game reviews

Matthew Johnson.: infinitywaltz@yahoo.com -reviewer, interviewer, web promotions

Kyle Kucate: skabcat@hotmail.com

Donovan Tate: machinery2025@yahoo.com

Jeremy Eckhart: herrdevilboy@yahoo.com
(all duties)

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Grave COncerns E-zine Rocktober - A Sneak Preview [27 Sep 2004|07:59pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Sneak Preview of what is coming soon on Grave Concerns E-zine.

What is coming in October:

Contests: Black Tape for Blue Girl ( 3 winners will get a

- Gothic /Industrial Comic Book writer to giveaway copies of this dark comic
Slave Labor Graphics called "Outlook:Grim"
You can check out thework at: creepy-crawlies.org or slavelabor.com

As you can see our staff is very busy working on various projects for our readers.

Coming soon in October:
KMFDM- by Jeremy Eckhart
Velvet Acid Christ- Jeremy Eckhart
Asmodeus X- Jeremy Eckhart
Eisbrecher- Kim Mercil
STID- Kyle Kucate
MINISTRY - Daisy/Tarilyn
Hanzel Und Gretyl- Tarilyn/Rick
Black Tape for Blue Girl- Josh Heinrich
Beta- Matthew Johnson
Soulscape- Matthew Johnson
Icon And The Black Roses- Peter Cooper

Interviews to be posted for October updates:
Mortiis- Marcos Massarri
Runes Order- Marcos Massarri
Ataraxia- Marcos Massarri
Peter Cooper- John Cole
Demonkia and the Darklings- Jeremy Eckhart
System Syn- Kyle Kucate
Pysche- Kyle Kucate
Chaism- Donovan Tate
State of Being- Julie
Filament 38- Julie
Killing Miranda- Julie
Butterfly Messiah- Julie
Baron Hugenstein- Julie
Dorcha- Julie
Floodland- Julie

Not listed: Don't worry.. we can't give all our secrets away!!

A few....
Coming soon:
Typhon Vortex
Mindless Faith
Celeste Noir
Battery Cage
Bridge Shadows
The Awakening
Saint Eve
Midnight Catherhal
Raygun Girls
Angel Theory
State of Being

Want to be featured in Grave Concerns??? Send us a submission! E-mail us, etc. Don't forget we have a quick and easy 25 question interview that you you can fill out right from our site.. well copy and paste. You can contact us from myspace and our site. www.graveconcernsezine.com

Please help spread the word about Grave Concerns to other aritsts and readers.

Post this message to other places!

Grave Concerns is here!
It's a work in progress, but check this out:


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Siouxsie concert review [12 Sep 2004|07:58pm]


go to reviews

then concerts


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Faith & The Muse concert review [12 Sep 2004|07:54pm]


go to reviews

then concerts


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20 new items posted on Grave Concerns E-zine [11 Sep 2004|02:47pm]

Grave Concerns E-zine has been updated!

Some things that have been added:

Reviews- 51 Peg, Evolutionaries, Russ Watkins, Felsenreich, Todesbonden, Waterline Drift, Calabrese, Interstitial and more.

Interviews: Croc Shop, Tranzendenz, Paradoxx, E.R.R.A and more...

Coming next week:
51 Peg Interview
Demonika & the Darklings
Filament 38
Peter Cooper
Symtem Syn
Live F&TM review
Pigface Video reviews
Non Video Review
Human After Taste
and much more!
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Submarine Fleet [09 Sep 2004|09:28pm]

With the recent lineup change with Electromagnet, We have assumed the name Submarine Fleet and added Mark Linder , formerly of TESS Records' Blade Fetish, as our vocalist.  Mark was a part of Blade Fetish with our guitarist Ashkelon Sain and also contributed to Ashkelon's enigmatic Trance to the Sun, which I was also a live member of.  Ashkelon who produced Cinema Strange's recent album "The Astonished Eyes of Evening" released several albums worth of his solo material under the quasi secret name of "Submarine Fleet" which has progressed into this version of the band. 

Click to hear the latest rough studio track titled "The Vocalist"

Read an interview of Ashkelon Sain done by Lucas Lanthier of Cinema Strange from January 2003
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Faith & the Muse tonight in NYC!! [07 Sep 2004|01:28pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Tue 7 - Faith & The Muse 11:30 PM, TBA 10:30 PM

DJ Subvert (Contempt) 12:30 AM - 4 AM FREE

Doors 9 PM, $8, FREE After 12:30 AM

116 Suffolk st (Rivington)


GRAVECONCERNS/RedjMusic(BMI) will be there!!

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Grave Concerns E-zine Mentioned! [28 Aug 2004|01:14pm]

[ mood | good ]

Projektlist#304 | Friday, August 27, 2004
from Projekt's Sam Rosenthal

Hi.... HALO STAR, the new CD from my band black tape for a blue girl will be in stores next Tuesday! After all the months of preparation, the time is finally here. We've been getting really great advance comments from fans and press alike, and I have been doing a number of interviews about the new songs...

Graveconcernsezine.com writes:
While it's often a departure from the fairly consistent introspective, intimate side Rosenthal and company have explored throughout the last 15 or 20 years, Halo Star showcases an interesting and ultimately successful sonic evolution. It's an album that's both more stylistically diverse and more accessible than much of their recent catalog but still retains enough "classic Black Tape" material to please fans of their more ethereal side. Whether you're a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, you'll find a solid album that is arguably one of the most interesting offerings the band has released to date
More reviews: http://www.projekt.com/projekt/HALO01.asp

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New Site Design for Grave Concerns E-zine now up! [17 Aug 2004|05:30pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey Peoples,

Check out the all new Grave Concerns E-zine web design!

RedjMusic Presents: Faith & The Muse Sept 7th!!!!! NYC
See the RedjmMusic letter on Grave Concerns E-zine for more details!

When you first go to Grave Concerns you might see a little Mp3 from Angel Theory on the site? If not, it is right near the top of the update page.


If you would like to create a mp3 with your voice telling visitors to check out your music etc record a clip and send it to us for posting! If possible please send it with html code.

Listen to the sample to get an idea of what to say!

Also, now you can sell your CD's etc on our site. Please e-mail for more details and we can work something out.

Anyone interested in working on our Fashion features or Advice area please e-mail us with your ideas!

New Reviews:
Black Tape for Blue Girl
and more!

gothgirl76 AOL IM

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Faith the Muse. (NYC show just added!!!) [13 Aug 2004|12:37pm]

[ mood | content ]

hi everyone.
We ate Graveconcerns will be the NYC street team for Monica and William...aka FAITH AND THE MUSE.
For a recent interview with FATM...see Graveconcernsezine.com

Here's what Monica had to say this am. :)

How are you? We just uploaded the confirmed date for NYC: September 7th
at Rothko. Details on the Mercyground site!

Pls spread the word and best yet...see you at the show!!!!




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VHS sale (Siouxsie, 80s, movies) [11 Aug 2004|02:57pm]

Ok...here's the mega list of VHS for sale.
email me: Redjmusicnyc@aol.com if int. I am giving lj'ers first crack. All are real except noted. (before I list on Ebay). $5 a piece

Siouxsie- Once upon a time (real...not boot)
Siouxsie- Twice upon a time (real not boot)
Siouxsie- Noctourne (real not boot)
Siouxsie- Live (boot)
Creatures/banshees -live (boot)
Creatures(boomerang tour 1990)
Depeche Mide 101( no case)
Madonna- Immaculate collection
Adam Ant- antics
New Order- Substance 1989
Kate Bush- The single file ( copy)
Sid & Nancy
Spinal Tap (no box)
Just one of the guys
Rocky Horror(no case)
Some like it hot
Eurythmics- greatest hits
INXS- Greatest hits
Classic cooking (still wrapped)
All about eve
Artur Rubesntein
The State (most of episodes...quality soo soo) $2 a vhs (2 of them)
Alias...season 1...quality soo soo - $2 per vhs ( 2 of them)
Krishna Das - The yoga of chant
Cinema Paradiso
Mr. sHow- 3 episode promo copy for HBO
Rock revolution - sex pistols, talking heads...
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New Interviews Posted on Grave Concerns [06 Aug 2004|01:46pm]

Check out the following new interviews:

Ghost Train
The Mystic Underground
Devilish Presley
Atomic Box
Anathema Device
Saint Eve
and more

Coming SooN:

Idiot Stare
51 Peg
and a whole lot more!!
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RedjMusic(BMI) mp3 compilation [06 Aug 2004|08:28am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Great music.
Have fun.
burn baby burn.

I have gigged with most of these people. major talent.


http://blondestreak.com/music.htm (mp3s)
(my ex bandmate on both my cds...Liz and friend Vic)

the awesome IRIDESENSE...hardest working brother/sister band in NY. They have been around for yrs and have done well. here are their mp3s. : http://iridesense.com/listenNEW.htm

Jana rocks with some mp3s here: http://www.janaperi.com/pages/4/index.htm

Michael Massimo sings and plays guit like no other. mp3s at: http://michaelmassimo.com/music.html

yay Jenn Marks is finally getting famous and she deserves it.
mp3s here:

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New MP3 Feature coming this Fall....details here... [05 Aug 2004|07:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

New feature!
Have your band noticed on GC on our new mp3 page. (coming soon)
$1 per song and use paypal.

If your interested and want more details please e-mail: Redjmusicnyc@aol.com

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cd special [02 Aug 2004|04:06pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

RedjMusic(BMI) is holding an August promotion for one of their releases:

SPIRITEASE (UNTIIL THE END)..... http://www.cdbaby.com/spiritease for sample audio.

$5 per cd + $2 s/h in the US....$3 in canada, $4 for UK.

Payable by paypal: Redjmusicnyc@aol.com
238 E. 77th st
NY, NY 10021

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UPDATE [23 Jul 2004|09:04am]

RedjMusic(BMI) now has a newsletter on Graveconcerns.
Come check it out:


then go to grave features and voila there's the link for RedjMusic newsletter
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