julesnycsw (julesnycsw) wrote in graveconcerns,

VHS sale (Siouxsie, 80s, movies)

Ok...here's the mega list of VHS for sale.
email me: Redjmusicnyc@aol.com if int. I am giving lj'ers first crack. All are real except noted. (before I list on Ebay). $5 a piece

Siouxsie- Once upon a time (real...not boot)
Siouxsie- Twice upon a time (real not boot)
Siouxsie- Noctourne (real not boot)
Siouxsie- Live (boot)
Creatures/banshees -live (boot)
Creatures(boomerang tour 1990)
Depeche Mide 101( no case)
Madonna- Immaculate collection
Adam Ant- antics
New Order- Substance 1989
Kate Bush- The single file ( copy)
Sid & Nancy
Spinal Tap (no box)
Just one of the guys
Rocky Horror(no case)
Some like it hot
Eurythmics- greatest hits
INXS- Greatest hits
Classic cooking (still wrapped)
All about eve
Artur Rubesntein
The State (most of episodes...quality soo soo) $2 a vhs (2 of them)
Alias...season 1...quality soo soo - $2 per vhs ( 2 of them)
Krishna Das - The yoga of chant
Cinema Paradiso
Mr. sHow- 3 episode promo copy for HBO
Rock revolution - sex pistols, talking heads...
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