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New Site Design for Grave Concerns E-zine now up!

Hey Peoples,

Check out the all new Grave Concerns E-zine web design!

RedjMusic Presents: Faith & The Muse Sept 7th!!!!! NYC
See the RedjmMusic letter on Grave Concerns E-zine for more details!

When you first go to Grave Concerns you might see a little Mp3 from Angel Theory on the site? If not, it is right near the top of the update page.

If you would like to create a mp3 with your voice telling visitors to check out your music etc record a clip and send it to us for posting! If possible please send it with html code.

Listen to the sample to get an idea of what to say!

Also, now you can sell your CD's etc on our site. Please e-mail for more details and we can work something out.

Anyone interested in working on our Fashion features or Advice area please e-mail us with your ideas!

New Reviews:
Black Tape for Blue Girl
and more!
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