Grave Concerns E-zine (gothgirl76) wrote in graveconcerns,
Grave Concerns E-zine

Black Wedding makes debut on!

Immediate Press Release:

Black Wedding is:

Joshua Heinrich - voice, all instruments, programming

Julie Johnson - lyrics
(from Grave Concerns E-zine)

Black Wedding formed from the ashes of popular goth/alt rock/industrial project Orangabelle 5. Orangabelle 5 scored an early indie hit in the 90s with the moody goth staple "missing you" and went on to release 2 EPs and 2 full-length albums on Autumnal Release Records before calling it quits in late 2002.

Around the middle of 2003, Josh and Julie began toying around with ideas for a new project. A few rough partial demos were pieced together under a working band name but were soon shelved for various reasons. However, discussion continued through 2004 as Josh recorded the new album by his solo project, fornever, and in late 2004, Black Wedding announced their first single, "Control", along with plans to release a debut EP in 2005.
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