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GraveConcernsezine and RedjMusic(BMI)
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Graveconcernsezine was started in 1999 by Sideline magazine contributor Julie "gothgirl" Johnson.
Her passion for darkwave, goth, synthpop shows - GC has grown immensely in the last 5 yrs.
Redjmusic(BMI)...founded in 1994 by Jules Cohen. Jules and Julie...met in 1999 when Jules had just released her 2nd cd with her band Spiritease.
Julie and Jules hang out at the Batcave in NYC and will be part of this yr's NYC dropdead festival.
If you like goth, darkwave, ethereal, dark pop, industrial, etc then this zine is for you. Updated mthly...sometimes 2x a mth.
Jules' RedjMusic(BMI) newsletter will be previewing soon...featuring a host of talented artists who she gigged with all those years and is still very much in touch with their goings on.
Julie and Josh Heinrich founded Orangabelle5 and produced and wrote 3 cds!